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I am a PhD candidate in statistics at UCLouvain (Belgium), within the Institute of Statistics, Biostatistics and Actuarial Sciences. My research interests focus on bio-statistical methods applied to cancer patients.

In parallel with my doctoral thesis, I am teaching assistant for several courses in statistics and probability at bachelor and master’s level. I also give trainings and consulting in data science, statistics and R programming for UCLouvain’s technology platform for Statistical Methodology and Computing Service.

In my spare time, I write about statistics and code in R via my blog


  • (2017 – Present) PhD in statistics – UCLouvain, Belgium
    • Thesis: Life and health actuarial pricing: a biostatistics approach (supervisors: Prof. Catherine Legrand and Prof. Michel Denuit)
    • See all publications, posters and talks
  • (2015 – 2016) MSc in econometrics & operations research – Maastricht University, Netherlands
    • Thesis: Combining professional and survey forecasts for macroeconomic data (supervisor: Prof. Nalan Basturk)
  • (2013 – 2015) MSc in economics – KULeuven, Belgium
    • Thesis: Negativity bias and framing effect in charity donations: a field experiment (supervisor: Prof. Jo Swinnen)
    • Faculty exchange of one semester at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA)
  • (2010 – 2013) BSc in economics & management sciences – UCLouvain, Belgium


  • (2017 – Present) Teaching assistant in statistics – UCLouvain, Belgium
  • (2018 – Present) Consultant and instructor in statistics, R programming and data science
    • Statistical and data analysis consulting for:
    • Instructor for UCLouvain’s university certificates (SMCS):
      • “Introduction to data analysis with R”
      • “Junior data analyst”
      • “Practice of statistics with R”
  • (2016 – 2017) Data scientist – Business & Decision, Belgium
    • Involved in several projects focusing on data science and data visualization

Technical skills & languages


  • R (RStudio, R Markdown & Quarto, R Shiny), Jamovi, GitHub/GitLab, LaTeX
  • See examples of projects


  • French (native)
  • English (fluent)
  • Dutch (basic)